The Empty Grave Staged Reading

The Chicago Mammals did a staged reading of my newest play, a western called “The Empty Grave”, on November 11th, 2011 as part of their Mad Science Series of New Works. The reading went extremely well, and I’m very pleased with the reaction that the play got from the audience and from the performers that took part in it. I have pages and pages of notes from it, and in the next month or so I will be re-writing the script and adding in some fun and crazy new elements to the show. My main focus now is to incorporate more horror aspects, in order to integrate the two genres (horror and western) and give more depth to the show. I’m very excited for the next step with this script, and I’ll be posting about this more in the future.

For info on the Empty Grave, you can check out the page dedicated to it here. The story follows the events of “Daddy’s Little Girl“, as bounty hunter Annabelle Cutter is out to find the man that killed her and her brother. Her heart beats as long as his does, and nothing will stop her.