The Summer of Creation

I need to do something. Lately everyday has been more and more like a struggle, and I will not abide that. I refuse to wake up everyday and think to myself “Why should I even bother?” and instead I want to be excited by the day. I’ve recently started to come out of my funk and become inspired again thanks to a great many things in my life; friends, good art, and something special. And so I’ve come up with a simple and inelegant solution to my current state: Creation.

From now until the end of the Summer, I am going to create something new every single day. Whether it’s a scene for my next full-length show “Uprising”, a short story, a comic book script, or even just a blog post that I’ll put up right here on the website. It doesn’t matter what it is, so long as I am creating something every day. This going to be my Summer of Creation. And I want anyone out there that reads this to join me. It’s going to be amazing.