Midnight City

Today, I’m announcing the next big project that I am going to be starting: A new full-length graphic novel that I’m going to write with the goal of getting it drawn and published. The main plot is about Graham, the last police officer of Hell. He’s charged with protecting the innocents before their souls are allowed to return to Earth to try and redeem their sins in their next life. One day, he’s charged with trying to protect a pregnant woman and the pure soul that she is carrying inside her womb from the captains of Lucifer’s army.

If you want to know more, I’m attaching a full plot synopsis to this post as a Word file. So give it a read and you can get a glimpse into the next big story that I’m writing. And I’ve blacked out the ending so it doesn’t get spoiled. But if you really have to know, then you can take a look.

Midnight City Plotting