Update on a Couple Projects

First off, sorry that I haven’t been able to post any new content in a while. My old computer died back in late October and I spent almost 2 months trying to get a new one and then recovering all of my files from the old hard-drive, which I was able to do successfully. The big reason I haven’t posted new scripts though is because I didn’t have a way to post PDF’s on my new computer, but I’ve figured something out so I’m going to be posting a couple new comic scripts and things shortly.

I’ve been working with Dan Hale on The Empty Grave comic “Daddy’s Little Girl” for a while now, and we’re getting ready for something that’s going to be really exciting. We’ll be making an announcement about it either late March or early April, so get ready for that.

I’ve also been writing an original graphic novel called Midnight City, which I am about halfway through writing now (not including re-writes and revisions). I’ve also written the first issue of a story called Drones that I hope one day gets picked up as an ongoing series. This is a story that I have been dreaming up for years, a “the Office meets the X-Men” style of workplace comedy, so I’m very excited about sharing it with all of you. I’m going to be posting the script to Drones soon, and I’ll probably post the beginning of Midnight City as well, so be on the lookout for those.