A Few of my Favorite Inspiration Songs

I wanted to share with you guys some of the music that has inspired some of the stories that I’ve written. I have always found music to be very important for stimulating my ideas, and the following songs are now forever linked in my mind to the scripts that I was working on.

Drones What Makes a Good Man? by The Heavy

This song is what Drones is about at it’s core. The main character of Drones, Simon, was raised and spent his entire life as a “bad guy”, but is now turning his life around. Drones is a story of redemption. And while it is not going to be easy for Simon, he is determined to change who he is.

The CauseI was a Teenage Anarchist by Against Me!

The “official” song of the Cause when we were working on it was Some Nights by Fun., but this song has become my anthem for whenever I think about Mason Bell and the students of the James School. I’m starting my full rewrite of the show, and this song is definitely shaping the way that I am thinking about the script moving forward.

Midnight CitySeven Devils by Florence and the Machine

I’ll be honest, a lot of my picks aren’t subtle. For Midnight City, the graphic novel that I am writing which is set in Hell, this is the song that I keep listening to for inspiration. Not just because of the content of the lyrics, but the tone of the song fits Midnight City perfectly and really helps me to create the world of the novel. There is an overwhelming sense of hopelessness in Hell, and Midnight City is no different.

The Empty Grave: Daddy’s Little GirlGod’s Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash

When I was writing both Empty Grave and TEG: Daddy’s Little Girl,  I listened to a ton of Johnny Cash as well as some period (1880’s) songs. Whenever I hear this song, more than all of the others, I always think of Annabelle Cutter and her father.

That’s all for today’s edition. I might write about this again if this is something that people are interested in hearing about, as I have a ton of songs that I listen to whenever I work on a script. Let me know if you found this interesting at all and if you’d be interested in seeing some more.