2 New Scripts Up: DinoSword & First Date

I have two new comic book scripts posted on the website, both of them are pretty short (6 & 5 pages respectively). I’ve done a lot of writing recently, I wrote my first short story in a long time recently and I am getting closer to finishing the last issue of the Empty Grave series, plus I’ll be starting on my graphic novel shortly.

The first script that I’ve posted is DinoSword, a 6 page sword & sorcery story about Prince Anu who was changed into a half man/half dinosaur. He and his companions are working their way across their ancient land to destroy the evil witch responsible for their curse and free their people from her rule.

The second one is a short comic that I wrote the other afternoon called First Date. In it, a Superman/Lois Lane type couple go on a date. It’s kind of a simple love story, with a standard “Warwick Johnson” ending.