NWI 2015 & Updates!

So the last few months have been very busy for me. Unfortunately I can’t share any new scripts right now, but thankfully not because I don’t have new material to post. I completed the first (very rough) draft on my first graphic novel*, and I’m going to be working on polishing that and I will be sharing the first chapter when I get it cleaned up. I’ve also been working on putting an anthology together of my short comics work, including some brand new 1 page comics with some amazing artists like Jason Muhr, Jonathan La Mantia, & David Strosnider. Also, I am beginning a foray into prose and I will be writing a fiction novel this spring. I’m very proud of the story, an adaptation of my play The Cause, and I will be blogging about the process as I work on it.


In about a month, I will be appearing at the 2015 NWI Comic Con in Schererville, IN. Dan & I were there last year to promote the Empty Grave, and it was a terrific convention that was full of great people and creators, so I’m very excited to be going back again this year. I’ll be announcing some more cons soon, but I will not be attending as many this year as I did last year.