Below are the first 11 pages of a comic which was originally called Damned but is now called Bedeviled.

In Bedeviled, all of the monsters and creatures from legend are real. They are all out there, lurking in the shadows. Elizabeth Harper, a private occult detective from New Orleans, knows first hand after her soul is bonded to a demon at a young age. The demon gives her incredible strength, but also a thirst for souls. She uses his power to hunt down creatures that feed on the innocent, but how long can this tenuous balance hold? Her problems multiply when she’s hired to protect Jacob Conrad, a treasure hunter who has stumbled on a very powerful artifact and now there are monsters coming from all directions to take it from him. And who or what is pulling all of the strings?

Damned #1 is available for purchase on comiXology

Pencils by Gleidson Araújo, Colors by Sean Callahan, Letters by Justin Birch

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