The Empty Grave

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Part 1 | 5 Page Preview

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Part 4 | 9 Page Preview

The Empty Grave is a four part comic book series featuring art by Dan Hale and Rubens Lima, with colors by Ed Siemienkowicz, Dan Hale, and Sean Callahan, among others.

The Empty Grave is about Annabelle Cutter, a bounty hunter in the New Mexico Territory in the late 19th Century. Part 1 details her origin and how she grew up to be the most feared woman in the Wild West. As she’s bringing in her latest bounty, she runs afoul of Granny Collins – the vicious matriarch of the town of Haven Springs who rules over a gang of sadistic outlaws that she calls her children. Along the way, we see glimpses of Annie’s past with her father, legendary Texas Ranger Billy Cutter, as he teaches her everything he knows about bringing criminals to justice. After the dastardly Rochester pays her a visit, Annabelle’s world is forever changed and she has to embark on a quest for revenge across the desert. Along the way she gains some unlikely allies and has to come to grips with the reality of her new situation. Annabelle has to face off with not just Granny and her children, but also has to deal with the cursed creatures that stalk the land.

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