The Dream Journal of Dr. Jekyll

Professor Peale guides the audience through Dr. Henry Jekyll’s “dream journal”, as they explore one man’s (or two?) descent into darkness, madness, murder. Produced at the Mammals Theater company, this Reader and New City Recommended show was written collaboratively by Bob Fisher, Scott Barsotti, Reina Hardy, Randall Colburn, Jason Adams, Jeremy Menekseoglu, and myself. I also Assistant Directed the show, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had working on a play. Here are two excerpts from scenes that I wrote for the show.


This scene was written by myself and Randall Colburn, one of the finest writers that I’ve worked with in this city.

The framing device for the show was Professor Peale, his assistant Hunch-Front, and two conjoined twins Dame and Sissy Contrarian. This is a scene where they interrupt the show in progress.

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