The Empty Grave

Staged Reading – November 11th, 2011

Annabelle Cutter was the most feared bounty hunters in the New Mexico Territory, and she was responsible for bringing dozens of men to justice. Annabelle and her brother were both murdered by Rochester, an outlaw out to avenge his brother’s death at Annabelle’s hands. But Annabelle came back from the grave for revenge, and now her heart only beats as long as Rochester’s does. She is going to get her vengeance, even if she has to kill her way through all of Haven Springs in order to get it.

The Empty Grave immediately follows the actions of “Daddy’s Little Girl“, a prequel comic that introduces all of the characters from the Empty Grave. The comic book version of Daddy’s Little Girl will be produced this Summer, with art by Dan Hale (More information to come).

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