Short Comics


Art by Tanmoy Das, Jonathan La Mantia, David Strosnider, & Jason Muhr


Art by Dan Lauer


Art by Marc Oliver

Old Soldiers

Art by Jason Muhr


Art by Robin Simmons

Abigail the Astounding

Art by Zach Bosteel


With Alexandra Cantarella

Additional Short Comic Scripts


Set at the wake of a henchman who was killed in battle, this short comic explores how in war people’s humanity is taken from them twice, once when they are killed and then afterwards by just making them a statistic or anecdote about the violence.

First Date

It’s a fun, simple story, taking a Superman/Lois Lane relationship archetype and telling a straightforward love story with it.


The first adventure where we get introduced to Prince Anu and his companions, as they try and free a village from the evil Queen Irkalla’s forces.

Abigail the Astounding

Abigail the Astounding saves the forces of Magic in Avalon with a little help from Merlin and a science-illusionist.

The Empty Grave: Queens

One of Annabelle’s adventures before the events of The Empty Grave series, where she takes a break from hunting people down to enjoy a poker game.

Of Soldier’s Dreams

A katana that was forged with the soul of a demon inside of it, the Blood Sword gives its bearer great power but fills them with an insatiable blood lust. Follow Shiro, a young Japanese sailor at the turn of the twentieth century, a time when Japan had modernized and moved on from the old feudal system.


The Red Hood has returned to Gotham City and gotten back up to his old tricks.


Set in the Marvel Universe, Decoys revolves around a team of A.I.M. soldiers coming into conflict with the Avengers.

Wedding Bells

Written for the Penciljack forum, this short comic has a theme of “Someone running a con/con games in general”.

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