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The Empty Grave

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In 1880’s New Mexico, Bounty Hunter Annabelle Cutter incurs the wrath of Grandma Collins and the town of Haven Springs when she takes out the outlaw Lockwood and his gang of thieves. But she is about to find out that there are more dangerous things lurking in the shadows than the residents of Haven Springs.

Issue #1 | 5 Page Preview

Issue #2 | 5 Page Preview

Issue #3 | 5 Page Preview

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The adventures of Special Agent Elizabeth Harper, monster hunter for the Federal Occult Bureau. She is tasked with protecting Jake, a man in possession of a dangerous artifact. But what else is Jake hiding? And why do the creatures of the night want him so badly?

6 page preview

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Old Soldiers


Abigail the Astounding




I am the co-host of a podcast called Cinemastalgia alongside David Kelch. Dave and I rewatch the movies that we loved from our childhood, and review them from a humerous adult perspective. It’s a ton of fun, you can find us on iTunes and Google Play.

Other Stuff

I have scripts from comics, plays, and other writings that I have done over the years, as well as information about different projects that I am working on in the Blog section.

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